29 September 2008

'whipped like a rented mule'

... pretty well describes the way I felt most of last week.

One of my children commented that I had 'racoon eyes' when they stopped by the house; I was collapsing on the couch after dinner, only to awaken after nightfall, and retire to bed.

Finally the weekend arrived, and I made up the sleep deficit a bit. Made a run to the liquor store as well. I was looking for Seagram's 7 Crown, a favorite Blended Canadian Whisky, for a tall, cool '7 and 7'

None to be found. The store had a 'special rebate coupon' on Canadian Club in the 1.75 L size, so I picked up that instead as a 'tide me over', and a Wild Turkey 101, my sentimental favorite for an 'on the rocks' drink.

The store does have Lagavulin 16 at a fairly reasonable price, but in taking inventory before my trip to the store, I have two pleasant 'straight up' choices, and three bottles of less appealing Scotch to work through first. Truth be known, those last three will probably be consigned to the kitchen for holiday 'Scotch ball' cookies.

... later ... that Canadian Club is drinkable, but not something I'll be buying over 7 Crown. At least there is that rebate.