02 September 2009

Like a stake through the heart

The CentOS 4 series point refresh has been released to the mirrors for a couple weeks now, and the updates it backlogged as well. But the AMD K6-II / Intel i586 install ISO was not right when we shipped, and we knew it

stake through the heart

Akemi 'toracat' Yagi had it working in her side archive, and kept working the issue with Johnny 'hughesjr' Hughes, and candidate ISOs have been in testing in the QA back channel. I get a 'heads up' on a new testing from hughesjr yesterday afternoon, and around 5 am today, a notice that a new candidate was ready for pulling and testing

I put lftp to work, and burned the CD. Booted with the command line parameter:

: i586 text

and did a minimal install

Eureka -- it works in mainline CentOS

Coming soon to a mirror near you (for the four or five users of such old kit). The unit I am testing on was my workstation on 11 September 2001, and I long since consigned it to the boneyard

090902: fixed grammatical error