19 July 2012

Right, Left, down the middle

A couple weeks ago, a 'Derecho' blew through Columbus, on its way to the metro DC area. Amazon had some failures that cascaded through to people who did not have site redundancy. People know that the East Coast was hit hard, but as we are out in 'fly-over' country they did not perhaps realize that we had several hundred thousand people around here without electricity for a couple weeks as well

I've mentioned before that the primary datacenter that we run our PMman product out of is at the Tier IV level -- multiply redundant cooling, power grid, power backup, fiber entrances, carriers. The owner, a friend, is just a fiend that he does not HAVE outages

Me, too. In our after-event review, I see that one of our secondary sites here in town fell back to its generators, but the rest were all fine. But all sites we use are well covered, all fiber, all multi-homed. Planning for failure was in our deployment planning checklist; we pay for (and we charge for) that coverage; and I consider it worth it

A national footprint customer based in Canada agrees. And their lead technical person reports that our connectivity is haster than their datacenter eighty miles from their home ofice. Not surprising, as oAltantaur main DC is on a 'main line' fiber route between Chicago, NYC, DC, and Atlanta -- financial markets and federal government presences can help, that way

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