13 November 2008

Behind Blue Eyes

Behind Blue Eyes -- The Who
Dateline: U.S. Department of Labor
The largest increases in initial claims for the week ending Nov. 1 were in Ohio (+3,885), Michigan (+2,619), Pennsylvania (+2,155), Wisconsin(+2,119) ...

A friend wrote:
All this proves is that when someone crosses a state line to register to vote it is just as easy to register for unemployment while you're at it.

I think it is probably much worse than that

It is easy enough for anyone to set up a (several!) new 'employers' and then walk away from them 8 weeks later with no individual financial responsibility for the 'tail' -- after all, we encourages formation of 'small business, the engine of economic growth' and barriers to entry should be small, right?

Unemployment benefits may be had at full rate for 6 months after 6 weeks employment at a given 'employer' if one is otherwise qualified; when an 'employer' goes out of business, the employees are eligible for benefits Several telephone poles in central Ohio had signs, with differing phone numbers, for what appeared to be short term 'jobs' working to elect Obama and 'make Change'. I snapped a picture with my mobile device, and will see if I can find it for the exact text; I recall thinking at the time:
-- Don't the 'employee candidates' KNOW they will be let go the day after the election

Now, I think the answer is:
-- Sure -- indeed they were TOLD by the recruiter at the other end of the phone, that this was a way to get rid of a pesky 'termination for cause' {disqualifying} black mark which was keeping them from what they were 'entitled to'

As the One won, and 'We can do it!' if the system is properly 'gamed', I think there will be no investigations after Jan 20 to 'connect the dots', and the Lame One will just snooze out his term. 'No law will prevent it'

And so the Republic was lost. "Meet the new boss; same as the old boss"