16 April 2009

Afraid of experimentation

The #centos IRC channel at irc.freenode.net never ceases to amaze me. We get questions that would take at least 30 seconds of reading a man page and experimention to answer, asked over and over again.

Here is one of the latest:

16:14 clueless> I installed a Windows Vista Business x64 VM on 5.2. Is it possible to get hibernate/sleep to work?
16:15 clueless> I want only want the VM up occasionally and I'd rather not wait for a full boot every time

Firing up a xen virtual machine in a root panel, and popping open another to read the xm man page, I find:

# cd /etc/xen
# ls
# xm create win-2000pro
Using config file "./win-2000pro".
Started domain win-2000pro
# virt-viewer win-2000pro

and a Windows 2000 session appears. I let it boot to the login prompt, and then:

# cd /var/lib/xen
# xm list
# xm pause win-2000pro
# xm save win-2000pro win-2000pro-save.img

Which of course as the man page promises, terminates the running image. Then:

# xm restore win-2000pro-save.img
# xm list
# xm unpause win-2000pro
# virt-viewer win-2000pro

And we are right were we left off, at the initial log in prompt.

Is it so hard to at least pretend to look first?