11 May 2009

Getting to a x86_64 build environment

In the #centos IRC channel on freenode, today, a new user was trying to clean out the 'multi-lib' artifacts in his build environment, so that it was only generating 'x86_64' results

Tom mentioned:

10:26 Zathrus> realistically, just removing glibc.i?86 should nuke everything else...

and so I fired up a victim xen instance to test that hypothesis

sudo su -
cd /etc/xen
cp centos-5-x86_64-test centos-5-x86_64-victim
joe centos-5-x86_64-victim
# the edit is to rename the instance name, and the image to be used
cd /var/lib/xen
cp centos-5-x86_64-test.img centos-5-x86_64-victim.img
xm create centos-5-x86_64-victim
virt-viewer centos-5-x86_64-victim

Then inside the instance as root, I ran:

rpm -qa --qf '%{name} \t %{arch} \n' | sort > pre-remove.txt
yum remove glibc.i?86
rpm -qa --qf '%{name} \t %{arch} \n' | sort > post-remove.txt
grep -v x86 post-remove.txt | grep -v noarch

getting the result:

gpg-pubkey (none)
libaio i386
libgcc i386
python-devel i386

That's a pretty good result for a first pass, and a quick hack. I think I'll go down for some coffee, and think about it a bit morecoffee mug