27 July 2010

This one needs to be written while it is fresh

I write about CentOS, annoyances, and nuisances all the time. 'Lest people consider me a grumpy old man, never pleased, I'll drop my guard a bit here and now, and perhaps just this once

I just posted this in Joe Landman's comments section to his blog, but it might get lost. It bears repeating

Russ Herrold says:
July 26, 2010 at 6:23 pm

Hi, Joe

I have not had the chance to write the blog post, but it will get written.

My Dell laptop died, and I sent it to the following folks for refurb, based on some strong recommendations in a TX LUG mailing list

It came back fine, but then died.


jailhouse stripes on the laptop

I was a slacker and did not ship it back right away. Even after the warranty interval expired, however they took it thru their intake, ID’d a bad video card they had added during the refurb, and swapped it out. gratis

And then shipped it back to me FedEx ... again gratis

One guess who I’ll be using from now on, for out of warranty repairs of Dell kit


Tell them I sent you ;) Please say 'thanks again' for me

– Russ herrold