09 February 2009

'Every move you make, every step you take'

A while back I commented on the fact that the computers of the world seem to have issuance of traffic citations well integrated; After this piece about Italian parking citations, I received yet another citation advice, from the Milan area through the vehicle rental firm, Europcar, asserting the vehicle I was driving was noted traveling over limit.

Maybe, but I also carry a commercial driver's license [and so drive very conservatively from habituation driving very dangerous large trucks at one time in my life]. I regularly am ridiculed by family members for never speeding, coasting up to red signals, and easing away rather than 'jack-rabbiting' off the line at a green light. As it had already been charged against my credit card, there was no sense worrying about it.

The takeaway from this article:
Smart traffic lights rigged to trap drivers
is clear. I have no reason to suspect a more fastidious level of care to avoid error elsewhere in the electronic traffic citation system.

... typo fix: Parking, not Packing citations