05 September 2010

"Okay, not a problem"

It drives me nuts in a store or when contacting telephone support somewhere, when the clerk or call center denizen replies to my social courtesy of thanking them for some service, to receive in return:

Okay, not a problem

D*mn it -- In such a circumstance, I have usually just made a purchase, or have previously paid good money to get their firm's attention. I could care less if they were pleased to not to have had to work hard doing their appointed tasks. I know darn well they are drawing some salary to boot

I rather feel that I am entitled, instead, to:

Thank you

or perhaps,

You are welcome and it was a pleasure

as the back and forth of the interaction suggests

Oh, yes, and "No worries" usually works just about as well with me, except when used as an affirmation that all is well