09 March 2009

CentOS 5.3 qa - fresh installs testing on i386

centos-5.3 QA fresh installs
KB released released a twitter note:
ah! the smell of a freshly baked distro.
earlier today, reflecting the presence of updated binaries, and wire-install ready images. Yummy, and I noted them in my twitter feed.

I completed the rsync of the new candidate archive, and have knocked out both GUI and text mode domU wire installs of the i386 candidate. As you may recall, I had done updates testing before, without incident.

The screenshot is fullscreen of 1440x1050 and I am not about to booger the PCO feed again -- direct link is at: http://www.herrold.com/images/blog/c53.-qa.jpg

The test running (side by side in two xen domU test candidates) is a rather hard one, which build graphviz, on the way to the trading shim -- the test script can be retrieved from:
for those who want to play along.

Something is slightly wrong in the install of the graphviz binary produced, and I'll get that fixed. Also there is some LaTeX issue which I need to run down in the current doco build, generated from a SPOT -- a single point of truth. The -f option to shim-builder.sh may be enough to get past it, regenerating the .dot files, and this the .ps included art.

It succeeded in the GUI based installation. We have some slight warning level noise in today's shim in building today's shim, but it is just c++ being picky (hoo-ray for type checking). The TUI test lags, as I had to build the TUI instance separately, and get the local install archive set up in /etc/yum.repos.d/

This is ready to go as to my needs, but I'll test media installs, and on x86_64, next.