06 March 2009

Wrestling blog markup

Stuck between a rock and a hard place here, it seems. Notice the ocean of whitespace to the left of the picture of the pregnant lady on the left image

I had previously noticed that the Centos feed was honoring exposing the <hr> 'separator rules' in my markup, where the Blogger was not, on my OMG post earlier this week. Not a big deal, and I did a quick re-edit and report, but I dislike doing so. It exposes a problem in the Blogger preview engine as well, I guess

But darn it -- I should not have to set up a table to box image placement, at this late date. I had to do so to get the 'clown' picture at the bottom of Nine pregnant gals to lay right at the bottom in the Blogger client. Then I see these side-by-sides once it hits the CentOS consolidator:


Grrr ....