06 March 2009

Wrestling blog markup, Round Two

Perhaps I should have thought through what I was saying in preparing a posting a bit more to avoid getting bitten

This should look better in the CentOS consolidator:

ring girl, round two

PCO nine thumb  Stuck between a rock and a hard place here, it seems. Notice the ocean of whitespace to the left of the picture of the pregnant lady on the left image  OSE nine thumb

than this mess:
PCO eats markup

PCO eats markup diffferently than Blogger. Point taken.

But, dang it: 'wrangling' through blogging software quirks by adding tables with:
<td>&nbsp;<img src="http://www.herrold.com/images/blog/spacer.gif" width="0" height="0">&nbsp;</td>
blocks littered through it sure feels nasty and a lot like fighting browser quirks in a by-gone era. This should be WYSIWYG

 Where did my coffee cup get to?