06 March 2009

News recap for Rip van Winkle

Rip van Winkle
This posted, in light of a question seen today:

CentOS' upstream published an announcement, reminding users that its 2.1 line reaches its scheduled end of life soon.

By the way: Just a quick 'shout out' and 'Thank you', by the way to John Newbigin, for being its shepard for the CentOS project.

From memory, substantive bug fixes were turned off, say, a year and a half ago. John has been there for CentOS 2.1 (based on a product itself based on the largely lame and unloved RHL 8). RHL 8 was a sick puppy, but also a gateway to the upstream's re-entry into the Linux market with the 'Enterprise' model, and so to CentOS itself

Reviewing this page, I see: tzdata enhancement update 2008-11-05, but that scarcely counts. Before that, libxml2 bug fix update 2008-09-02 (but that carries security overtones)

Before that, the first 'real' bugfix seems to be: dump bug fix update 2007-02-02 -- So, two years now since a material (non-security) bug fix.

Time to get that conversion to CentOS 3 series done.