20 March 2009

Every step you take ...

a completely trackable and traceable survey tool
I received the above email [which I converted to a maskable image], with embedded web link, seeking market research data. I have masked the full URL, to prevent 'ballot box stuffing' and to protect my privacy

Now in doing good statistical sampling, customarily one assures the recipient / respondent that the responses are aggregated, and that no personally identifying information is available to the researcher. This is done to foster truthfulness and frankness from people responding to the survey, by reassuring them that no information leaks, say back to the entity covered by the survey can tie particular positive or negative 'pull comments' to a specific person
Other survey research techniques use 'calibration' questions, repeated in slightly varying form a couple of times in the survey, to make sure the respondent is actually reading the questions, is answering consistently, matches the 'shaped sample' desired demographic, and similar concerns

Here, I am solemnly (or perhaps, cheerfully) assured:
We will also gladly share the aggregate results of the survey with you, as it may be of interest to you.

All responses will remain anonymous and confidential.

What is does not say is that the author is not planning to use the data for selling 'individual drill down' detail by respondent

The sender is sort of aware of this, or perhaps it is just a boilerplate footer from SurveyMonkey:

This link is uniquely tied to this survey and your email address, please do not forward this message.
I think I will pass on this one. Time for more coffee

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